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VILLA Radio Tulum

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Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Group Rental 

Welcome to Radio Tulum Hotel a unique, modern five-bedroom Boutique Hotel with its own artistic design that can host 12-16 people.


Boasting a courtyard that's over 450 sq/m with a pristine swimming pool; our location invites spectacular afternoon sunsets from the rooftop whilst enjoying a cocktail.



Located in the heart of Tulum town and only a short drive to majestic white sand beaches, our space encapsulates the warm and friendly atmosphere travelers have come to Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean. 


Please note that prices change accordingly to the season.

Get in touch for detailed pricing.



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Radio Tulum Hotel


Private Event Space 


Radio Tulum Hotel, is the perfect space to have your Epic event. It has everything at your convenience. Boasting a courtyard that's over 450 sq/m with a pristine swimming pool and Radio Tulum´s staff with over 20 years of experience doing a variety of events all over the world. - Along with a restaurant Kitchen, there are also Currently 5 individualized Rooms that are very chic and modern with touches of Nature and hints of rustic but they all feel like home.


* Extra Cost

- 5 Individual Rooms (12 persons)

- Pro-AV Equip., Video Mapping, Photo Booth, Bar, Pro Kitchen, Chef, Catering, Mixologist, Pool, Live Stream, Pro-Talent available (live music, DJ's, Performers, etc).



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