RADIO TULUM HOTEL is a concept Boutique Hotel in the heart of Tulum, and was created for a purpose;

to congregate like-minded souls, travelers, artists and lovers of culture. A tranquil oasis in the center of the

ever evolving town just 4.8 km ( 3 miles) from the beautiful beach. A space to relax, interact, exchange ideas,

or simply have the greatest time imaginable.  It's a “home away from home” for old and young, artists and artisans,

the beautiful and the inspired. A space to unplug, escape, and be enveloped in a visceral and immersive environment. 

Radio Tulum Hotel is home of the Radio Tulum online radio station, our team produces interesting shows, panel discussion and artists portraits. We host and produce cultural events that will make your heart and soul dance

and leave you inspired. We are a melting point of local and international talent .

Last but not least we have a deliscious in house Restaurant called Mom´s where we serve authentic indian food and refreshing drinks. Our menu is based on family receipts that will take you on a journey to an idian mothers kitchen.

We look forward to welcome you as a guest.

Amenities & Services

Wi-Fi access 

 Bar & restaurant

Concierge services

Co-Working Space

Private Events

Radio Shows

Swimming Pool

Sun & Shade Louges

In-House Restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner